Re: More FengYun 1C debris

From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 04:37:53 EST

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    Leo Barhorst wrote:
    >Space-Track has catalogued more debris from FengYun 1C.
    >The latest bunch goes from #30600 1999-25 AMF to 30650 1999-25 APH
    >bringing the total number of catalogued fragments to 907.
    There seems to be a gap between AGR and AHN (21 missing).
    There are no catalog numbers 30480-30499 that I can find. This would account for 20 of them, but I don't know where the other one would fit.
    By my count, there are 817 debris objects from 1999-25 from catalog number 29716 thru 30650. However, note that SpaceTrack says that the first one (29716, 1999-25E) has decayed, meaning that right now there are 816 cataloged and in orbit.
      Ralph McConahy
      38.3306N, 75.6970W, -25m (WGS84)
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