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Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 14:37:17 EST

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    Quoting Jonathan McDowell <>:
    > By the way, babelfish translates the names of the satellites as:
    >   "radar 2 the machine"
    > and
    >   "optics 3 the machine actual proof satellite"
    > Any Japanese speakers able to provide a better translation? I
    > infer the O-3 name is really something like "Optical-3 Flight
    > Prototype"...
    Are you referring to this site: for your input to 
    I went to the English version page but it looks like they still need to get a 
    translator to translate all the latest Press Releases, since the latest 
    Release on the English page was dated back to Feb 13.
    The title of the Press Release: 
    can be roughly translated into:
    On the Results of the lauch of 2(machine/unit) Information Gathering 
    Satellites (Radar Number 2 [machine] and Optical Number 3 [machine] 
    Verification Satellites) using H-IIA Rocket number 12 [machine].
    The appearance of the word [machine] in the translation came from the fact 
    that the word 'ki' or 'machine' in Japanese also acts as a 'unit' for any 
    machinery, and they can be removed without any impact to the translation.
    For example, an airplane is a flying machine (hi-koki) in Japanese. 160-
    airplane is translated to 160-ki or 160-machine in Japanese. I think that was 
    the source of confusion to any of the automatic translation software such as 
    bable-fish or Systran. 
    In addition to that, there is no plural form in Japanese or in other Asian 
    languages such as in my native tongue. The original title in Japanese shows 
    that both R-2 and O-3 are the prototypes or the verification satellites, but 
    the translator only picked up and attached the attribute to 0-3 to give 
    you "optics 3 the machine actual proof satellite" while the 'proof of 
    principle satellite(s)' here actually referred to both R-2 and O-3.
    BTW, neither English nor Japanese are my mother tongue. I hope this 
    explanation don't confuse you more. :-)
    Aris Tanone
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