Re: Spy sat launched from Japan

From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2007 - 12:05:48 EST

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    H2A F12 appears to have a 4/4D-LC payload fairing like the first
    couple of IGS launches. Two upper fairing halves separate during
    ascent; after orbit insertion we expect: (in order of separation)
     IGS Radar-2
     4/4D-LC adapter
     4/4D-LC lower fairing half (first)
     4/4D-LC lower fairing half (second)
     IGS Optical-3-Test
     H-2A Stage 2
    The three 4/4D-LC objects are analogous to the SYLDA adapters
    released during Ariane 5 dual satellite launches.
    By the way, babelfish translates the names of the satellites as:
      "radar 2 the machine"
      "optics 3 the machine actual proof satellite"
    Any Japanese speakers able to provide a better translation? I
    infer the O-3 name is really something like "Optical-3 Flight Prototype"...
    SpaceTrack had reserved 5 catalog numbers for THEMIS P1-P5 but 
    it appears that the slot for P4 is now taken by one of the cleaning
    towels released in the recent ISS EVA.
      Jonathan McDowell
    > IGS 2A (3A by SpaceTrack) had three faint(?) debris objects.
    > ...
    > >
    > > So there should be 3 objects in orbit, the spook sat, another sat said to 
    > > be onboard, and the H2A rocket.
    > >
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