Re: USA-179

From: peter tesar (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 06:46:54 EST

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    I would like to observe USA-179 (visually, or by by VHF radio).
    I have found TLE set "classified.tle". There  are elements for "USA 179 
    Cn r".
    Are they the right elements for USA-179 satellite? The "Cn r" letters 
    are confusing me, does't they mean that these elements belong to the 
    carrier/rocket of USA-179?
    Bob Christy wrote:
    >Radio tracking indicates a small maneuvre on Feb 20. The Mean Motion changed
    >from 2.00645 to 2.00632. There were at least two tweaks to the orbit between
    >Feb 1 and Feb 20. If you are interested, the latest plot is here: 
    >Bob Christy
    >Lincoln, UK
    >53.2233 deg North
    >0.6004 deg West 
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