Re: Fw: what is this?

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 10:05:13 EST

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    At 11:53 PM 20/02/2007, Greg Roberts wrote:
    >This was forwarded to me for comment- I havent
    >looked into it yet but it might just be of interest to others.
    >Transfer burn perhaps?
    Imaged by Gordon GARRADD at Siding Spring and a couple of images
    up on his website at
    The only available TLE for the THEMIS launch puts with a eccentric orbit puts
    it below Siding Spring Obs. horizon at 17:15 UT. The orbit is close to the
    one desired so so I think one can say its not that.
    Rob McNaught imaged it as well from SSO, so one may be able to get 
    enough positions
    to get an approximate orbit.
    Tony Beresford
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