STS-117 trajectory data?

From: Will Marchant (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 17:23:41 EST

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    We had a nice view from the DC area of STS-116 taking off last December. 
       We *almost* saw the landing, we heard the two sonic booms, but it was 
    too hazy down in Titusville.
    We won't go to Florida this time, but I'd like to see STS-117 during 
    boost from DC.  If the launch is on schedule it looks like it will fly 
    by the Moon and Mars.
    Anyway, I used the "Shuttle Ascent Trajectory" MS-Excel spreadsheet last 
    time but it was off by quite a bit in time and position.  Anybody else 
    have problems or is it something I'm doing wrong?
    And I'm looking around for an updated trajectory file for STS-117.  Any 
    pointers?  I'd like to whack at some viewing numbers myself...
    Thanks very much!
    Will Marchant
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