Re: request link to show how EGP 86-61A look like

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 08:46:28 EST

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    There is some info and a link to a picture at:
    ykchia posted:
    >Am i right to assume the bright flash is from the closed clustered laser
    >targets while the flatter flash is from broader the metal-mirror?
    I don't think so.  The mirrors are much larger and should produce
    a much brighter flash.  I would assume that all the flashes we see
    are from the mirrors.  There are 318 of them!  They are deliberately
    not quite flat and you can get flashes (but not so bright) even when
    the sun-satellite-observer angle is not perfect.
    >What is the spin rate of this object?
    There are a large number of observations in the PPAS catalog.
    The "sets of three flashes" were timed at about 1.5 seconds soon
    after launch in 1986, but with a slow rate of increase over 20 years,
    the current timings are near 2.0 seconds.  I can't believe that
    the set of 3 flashes actually represents one revolution.
    There are many places on the satellite where there are 3 mirrors
    "in a row", so the time between sets of 3 flashes might represent
    only 1/10 of a full revolution and thus the time of a full revolution
    might be 20 seconds.
    If I look at your image, I might guess that the "sets of three flashes"
    repeat after 8 sets and thus the spin rate would be 16 seconds per
    Mike McCants
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