RE: Yet more FengYun debris

From: Bob Christy (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 04:20:06 EST

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    You are correct ....... maybe.... 
    All things are relative and it depends on which object you use a a reference
    - the Earth, Fengyun-1C or the Interceptor.
    For an Earth-based observer, it is likely that the Interceptor was moving
    quite slowly. Fengyun had its normal orbital velocity. The two objects tried
    to occupy the same space at the same time and their speed difference did the
    From Fengyun's point of view, it was following its normal path round the
    Earth and the Interceptor came at it 'head-on' at 6-7 km/s.
    The Interceptor was dawdling along above the Earth and suddenly the FY-1C
    high-speed missile hit it 'out of the blue'.
    Bob Christy
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    > I believe the satellite was struck head on by the ASAT weapon, so it 
    > would be traveling in completely opposite directions...............
    > Greg
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