Keep an eye on ANIK F1 for possible bright flare, other geo sat's spotted last night on tv

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2007 - 11:40:03 EST

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    Looks like Anik F1 ( 26624 ) is getting ready to give a light show. 
    At 7:30 UTC ( Feb 10 ) it was in the Mag 6 range.
    So keep an eye on it, over the next few days. I expect it will light up the sky, giving a nice
    flare show, like Intelsat 1R. Let's see what really happens.
    I couldn't see Anik F1R parked beside it, so no detectable flaring from it. Also no flaring
    detected from Anik F2 ( 28378 ) It's a Boing HS702 model, like Anik F1 except no solar
    concentrators on it. Anik F1R is not a boeing HS702 model.
    I later could see 4 geo sat's on the tv.
    There where XM-4 ( 29520 ) XM-2 ( 26724 ) XM-1 ( 26761 ) and SOLIDARIDAD 2 ( 23313 ) XM-4, XM2 and
    XM-1 are boeing HS702 models. XM-1 and XM-2 has the solar concentrators, XM-4 doesn't. SOLIDARIDAD
    2 is a not boeing HS 702 model.
    XM-1 was the brightest of the 4. The other's I would estimate in the Mag 8 range, not as easy to
    44.6062 N
    75.6910 W
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