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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2007 - 03:26:35 EST

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    Would (OT!) Comet McNaught fit the description, looks likely  depending on 
    position and certainly fits photographs I have seen and my sighting from 
    here (at another time and date.)  I almost got caught the same way as I was 
    searching for an object near decay back then and was startled by a long tail 
    till I "clicked" to what I was seeing and looked at the whole object and the 
    slowness of its motion!
    To bring things back on topic the timing of  29716 1999-025E Feng Yun 1C DEB 
    (which interestingly does not seem to have featured in discussion of the 
    breakup of this satellite, even though Calsky predicted  decay of this 
    fragment) does not appear to fit as far as I can see, though I am open to 
    correction on this if necessary.
    New Zealand
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    Subject: FW: satellite re entry
    > Hi all,
    > Another request from a Heavens-Above visitor which sounds like it could be 
    > a
    > satellite reentry. Any ideas which object it could have been, if any.
    > Thanks,
    > Chris Peat
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    > Sent: 08 February 2007 15:48
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    > Subject: satellite re entry
    > Hi Chris,
    > Great website, we use it from our phones when we star gazing.
    > Anyway, on tue 6th February 2007 I saw what I believe was a satellite
    > reentry. It wasn't a normal meteor as it left a trail, was much brighter,
    > lasted longer, traveled slower and seemed lower. I'm trying to identify
    > which satellite it was.
    > The details are:
    > Location: Paarl, south Africa
    > Time: 23h00 SA time (I think we GMT +2h00)
    > Can you PLEASE help.
    > Thanks
    > Brett Wordon
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