Cosmos 1943

From: Daniel Magoon (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 20:08:32 EST

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              Tonight I observed what appeared to be Cosmos 
    1943(SPACECOM:19120). However its path didn't follow exactly the Heavens 
    Above path. I observed at 23:43 UTC an object(Cosmos 1943) that arrived 
    at the time Heavens Above predicted.  It passed to the west of omnicron 
    Persei. According to Heavens Above it should have passed between 
    omnicron Persei and zeta Persei.  The object I observed was about 
    magnitude 4 and was of constant brightness. Did anyone else observe this.
    Marshfield,MA USA
    - Latitude:42.0780 N
    - Longitude:70.6500 W
    - UT Offset: -5:00 (EST) 
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