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Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 17:21:08 EST

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    Thanks for this Greg, on behalf of myself, Ivan, Paul, Dick and others.
    I don't think the question has really been raised that seriously. I haven't
    exactly detected a torrent of response and what I have seen both on and off
    list is positive.
    Why Dale Ireland threw it in at all is beyond me. He sent me a separate,
    rambling, e-mail off-list concerning the impossible precision of my declared
    geo-coordinates. Unfortunately his thinking was out by a factor of one
    I don't get the impression that he is an observer of any kind although I
    think he listens to satellites. He makes the occasional post to Hearsat but
    it's seldom, if at all, anything remotely observational.
    Anyway - KBI!!
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    > I see that the reporting of information obtained from radio
    > observations is again under question.
    > As one of the optical trackers who relies HEAVILY on
    > observations ..............
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