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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 15:57:35 EST

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    I see that the reporting of information obtained from radio
    observations is again under question.
    As one of the optical trackers who relies HEAVILY on
    observations such as Bob has posted I WELCOME such
    reports. Some of the difficult objects that are tracked
    optically - especially the 90*** objects - are frequently
    manoeuvred and if it were not for Bobs, and other radio
    observers information, I would not have a CLUE where
    to look which could result in the object become lost, as
    indeed has happened frequently in the past. If a report,
    such as Bobs, indicates that the mean motion has changed,
    or the doppler observations indicate that a particular
    satellite is running X minutes "off" predictions, then 
    optical observers will then have a good idea of how
    much earlier- or later- to look and thus recover the
    Another useful application of radio observations is
    in the case of geostationary satellites that are frequently
    moved from one location to another - in the last few months
    we have had several such events and, with the aid of the
    pointing data supplied by radio observers, the optical
    observer is able to find the satellite.
    I therefore strongly feel that reports, such as Bob has
    posted, should be more than welcome. Obviously there
    is no real value in posting radio observations of objects
    that are tracked by SPACETRACK, but for objects that
    appear in CLASSIFIED.TLE elements sets I feel they
    should be welcomed with open arms.
    Just my cents worth but since I try to specialize in tracking
    the difficult objects that are mostly neglected because of
    their difficulty, I need ALL the help I can get , so Bob--
    (and others tracking non SPACETRACK objects)
    post away!!
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