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Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 13:32:45 EST

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    Given that Mr Ireland's question is both pointed and pedantic, I will answer
    equally pedantically.
    What I posted was not a radio observation but a measured value of USA-179's
    mean motion - quite possibly of use to someone following this object
    visually. It is the reader's choice whether to follow the web link to where
    the ongoing observational measurements are plotted. Should you choose to,
    will find that the plot includes measurements derived from both radio and
    visual observations.
    I agree strongly with Ted's comments about the two forms of observation
    working together, particularly as it has been proved to work. More than one
    recent visual (re-)acquisition has been due to radio and visual observers
    working together.
    If anyone is genuinely interested in the actual radio observations that led
    to the mean motion measurement then I will be happy to discuss them outside
    this forum.
    Going back to the implication of Mr Ireland's question - if it is the wish
    of Seesat users that data derived from 'black' sources should not be posted
    to the Group, then I will desist.
    Bob Christy
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