Re: Galaxy 11 nice and bright, XM3 not seen, Milstar 6 seen

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 02:43:51 EST

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    Björn Gimle Wrote
    The star is the +6.2 mag HIP #025869 at 05h31m22 -06 42'37"
    Time 3:07 is UTC
    That's the correct star. I will remember to include star catalog numbers, when I have a video of
    geo sat's.
    Note : I said Galaxy 11 nice and bright, as I could easily see it, on the tv screen. I looked for
    other geo sat's and could spot them for a AMC one, don't remember which one. Milstar 6 was easily
    seen to.
    This area I observed it, is no where near the flare zone, ie that 12 hours difference from the sun
    So for today for example
    The sun at 12 UTC ( Feb 2 ) is located at
    21 h 02 m R.A
    So the PAS 1R flares up at around the area of sky located at
    9 h 02 m R.A
    I find that it flares up, after it passes the 12 hours difference in R.A, when I use my location
    and see at what R.A the sat is located at. Flare last a few minutes. 
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