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From: Brad Young (
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 13:56:42 EST

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    I have also noted usual things with NOSS 2-2 lately.
    Tony Beresford said:
    > Notes: first observation is identified as Noss 2-2 (E) though i saw no 
    > sign of the other components of triplet, with my  > 7x50 bin., and the
    > object was brighter than expected.
    The last three passes I've seen of NOSS 2-2 triplet have been unusual. I
    have reported #2 and #3 below in IOD format. I did not report the 1st recent
    pass because I was so perplexed by its behavior. On the first pass I
    believed it was object "C" that appeared 2 mags better than predicted and
    seen easily 1x. On that pass I saw one of the other components trailing but
    just barely and couldn't discern which it was due to faintness in my 10 x
    The second pass, reported below was unusually dim and only one component was
    seen (seems to fit "E" best). On my last pass with "E" as the visible one,
    neither of the other components were visible. That pass southward through
    Orion was especially nice because NOSS 3-2 r/b (28096) passed very near NOSS
    2-2 E, going NE against "E"'s SE motion.
    1st pass: too uncertain on timings
    2nd pass:
    21809 91 076E   0000 G 20060208012311000 57 5 0645000+08000 18 S+070 05
    Last pass:
    21809 91 076E   0000 G 20060216021137000 57 5 0532000-00240 18 S+040 05
    21809 91 076E   0000 G 20060216021152000 57 5 0538000-02480 18 S+040 05
    Magnitude estimated in comparison to sigma Ori.
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