Re: ISS leaps !

From: John Locker (
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 10:03:56 EST

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    Hi Kevin , and everyone who has dropped me a line about the ISS "leap"
    As always there's a logical being dumb!
    I was working to a print-out from HA  , but checking this morning I found
    that I had picked up a print I had made on the 25th , not yesterday's
    ........dohhhhhhhh !
    That'll teach me to throw away old data prints.I must have been in such a
    daze when I got up just after 5am that I didnt notice I had grabbed the
    wrong sheet.
    Ah well , I dont think I'll be repeating the exercise in the near future ,
    I'm safer sticking to evening passes :O)
    Thanks again ,
    > Looking at the orbital data, I don't see the iss arriving early for his
    > Kevin
    > =====
    > COSPAR Site #1775  Long 75.6910 W, Lat 44.6062 N, altitude 100 metres
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