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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 05:47:45 EST

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    Mike found Apple with his telescope and said it was about 
    +6.0.  It was not hard with my 8x42; some might have been
    +5.5.  It was a degree or so north of Betelgeuse (alpha 
    ORI) when I got it with 8x42 at about 2:25 UTC.  Nice one, 
    Kevin!  A 17-second flash period is so much easier than 
    170!  PPAS report:
    Apple (12545) 
    81- 57 B 04-02-27 02:32:04   EC  522.9 0.2  30 17.43  +6.0->inv
    I was hoping to have good luck trying to see the lost 
    90019 and remembered Telstar 401 too late.  Weather 
    permitting, I plan to start watching for it at about 
    1:40 Feb 28 UTC (7:40 PM Friday CST).
    Orion 3 (99-024A, 25727) did three or four very bright 
    I saw one +4.5 or +4.0 flash from Yuri 3B (91-060A, 21668) 
    but did not see another one watching as continuously as I 
    could in the next several minutes.  My notation on it from 
    last August is "p=367.6/5", which means that towards the 
    end of that observation, I was only seeing every fifth 
    flash, rather than one every 73.5 seconds I saw earlier.
    I had a -3 flare prediction for Iridium 74.  It was very
    far from that, more like +3.  I double-checked, and it 
    had a "P" for "penumbral" -- entering eclipse as it began
    to flare.
    Double Star 1 (03-061A, 28140) 4-second flash period was 
    easy with 8x42.  But mostly it was double-flashing, with
    the doubles between .5 and 1.0 second apart.  In the scope
    it's even more interesting.  Waiting with bated breath to
    see the polar one, scheduled to be launched in June.
    Intelsat 4-7 Rk (73-058B, 06797) is a very nice flasher.
    BCRC site:  30.315N, 97.866W, 280m.
    Didn't work out for Daniel to join us.  Too bad it was 
    cloudy Saturday through Wednesday!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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