Re: Optical sighting orbit determination method

From: Jim Scotti (
Date: Wed Feb 04 2004 - 12:11:46 EST

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    On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Bjoern Gimle wrote:
    > Not true for satellite observations made from a place not on the equator !
    Ok, ok, that is true.  I work on Asteroids where an object that hugs the
    ecliptic and is relatively far away does cause such trouble....
    > Do ANY of these books consider:
    > 1. Orbits around the Earth's center
    > 2. Effects of Earth gravity harmonic terms
    > 3. Luni-solar disturbance
    > 4. Effect of drag terms (if obs spans more than one pass)
    > 5. Earth rotation of the observer during the pass.
    > 6. Input of rough TLE elements
    > 7. Conversion of resulting elements to standard TLE forms.
    Specifically, probably not mostly - though the Escobal book does contain some
    elements of geocentric orbits, and of course, the physics is the same (though
    the devil is in the details....).  There are some other astrodynamics books
    that do deal with geocentric motion in more detail.  I think Taff's book as
    well as Thomson include significant treatment of geocentric orbits.  Does
    anyone know of a webpage or FAQ that discusses these items in more detail?  
    We may have the bits and pieces of it at least on the SEESAT-L webpages, I
    > There are several programs for SATELLITE orbit determinations, eg. ELCOR,
    > available both compiled and in C code, which does this (except for p.3).
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