Re: Delta 1 deb decayed?

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 15:32:48 EST

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    Harald Edens <> writes
    >Can anyone look up or confirm over which area the sat "Delta 1 debris" 
    >(1972-058CG / 07941) decayed, if it did yet?  I heard several reports 
    >from people in The Netherlands that they saw a bright (mag -6) fireball 
    >around 18:15 UTC, Feb 19, with "several colors and sparks flying off". 
    >Reports of directions however are scarce and the ones I saw don't 
    >really match the trajectory of the sat, unless the angle of reentry was 
    >very steep.  But as far as I could see it was near or over Europe at 
    >that time.  I couldn't find the old TLE for it to look it up in a sky 
    >program myself.  If anyone knows more, or could send me its TLE from 
    >Feb 17 or 18, that would be great.
    This object is still in orbit. The latest elset is:
    Landsat 1 Delta 1 deb CG                         261 x 254 km
    1 07941U 72058CG  03051.71882041  .01895898  00000-0  26215-2 0  5232
    2 07941  98.3205 333.0775 0005250 154.8101 205.3907 16.05993729625651
    and I predict decay for February 24 +/- 1 day.
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