ISS Simulator V3 released

From: Mike Tyrrell (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 15:29:37 EST

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    A new version of the Virtual Relaity ISS simulator is now available for
    download from the following address:-
    New Features include:-
    New forward/backward controls in VRML
    Display of time in VRML
    Added support for Cosmo, Cortona and Blaxon VRML viewers
    Addition of P1 truss
    Addition of the Moon (2 arcminutes accuracy)
    New flag to enable/disable star field & Moon
    New frame matching functions to match the simulation to an actual picture of
    the ISS
    Able to save comments with a simulation and choose the initial viewpoint
    Several new example settings files and pictures
    Inproved information message display
    The Earth now rotates during the simulation run
    Clear skies,
    Mike Tyrrell  & Phil Masding
    nr. Manchester, UK
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