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From: pmorini@libero.it
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 10:55:31 EST

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     Hello to all,
    I am collecting books and various data about Moonwatch and early 
    satellite spotting by amateur astronomers, and I got an article by S&T 
    of the sept 1975 issue about the end of Moonwatch project.
    I have found some other ref in S&T:
    - front cover photo Dec 1956 - Moonwatch station p. 53
    - "Moonwatch Committee meeting"  Apr. 1957 p.277
    - "Philadelphia Moonwatch" Sep. 1957 p. 534
    - "Moonwatch Meeting in California" Apr. 1959 p.324
    - "Albuquerque Moonwatch" Mar 1962 p.283
    - "Moonwatch and Sputnik 4" Oct 1962 p.183
    - "Moonwatch Chief" Dec 1964 p 339
    - "Echo's reentry and Moonwatch" Apr 1968 p. 222-225
    Can somebody help me with some PC scan from that old issues it's  very 
    difficult in Italy to  find ?
    Best wishes and clear skies
       Paolo Morini - Italy
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