stumbled onto EGP ( Feb 10'03 -9:11pm)

From: ykchia (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 10:41:26 EST

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    Hi folks:
         Seeing the False Cross hanging rising out of my window, I was 
    tempted to do some star fields/meteor  imaging and just minutes into 
    staring at the b/w monitor - a rapid white flashing satellite crawled 
    across the screen - it was like a FireFly...flashing multiple times per 
    seconds ( sorry did not time) and pretty regular cycles...
          Then came the ID part - it took me a long while to get the pc 
    working. The latest Win2000 running skymap65 had a screen jumbled up 
    (but work fine for star-map plotting and I was using the 
    utility) but I  couldn't fix in a flash that so  I 'abandoned'  this pc 
    and  changed to the slower P1 pc.  After a little tweaking ( narrowing 
    the prediction in minutes, cut-off at mag 4.5 did not capture it and 
    changed it back to 8 ..) and found  the match - it was EGP!
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