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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 12:19:20 EST

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    expert this morning said 3-piece tile situation,
    pad glued to structure, a tile glued to pad & another
    tile glued to the inner tile, typically only the outer
    tile gets bumped off.  expert speculated that both
    inner and outer tiles got knocked off near wheel-well
    landing gear, but that remains to be discovered, if
    it can be discovered.
    what if, NASA had built the Shuttle with titanium heat
    shield (apparently one of the early and more expensive
    design options) and covered the titanium with tile!
    overkill or safer deorbits??
    At 17:13 2/4/2003 +0100, you wrote:
    >> and perhaps the most curious, ABC claims that the US Air Force
    >> did take high resolution photos of STS-107 from two different sites,
    >To my knowledge, the highest resolution is obtained with the 3.63 m
    >diameter telescope at Maui, with adaptive optics, reaching the diffraction
    >limit of  0.3 micro radians (multiply by the range to have the equivalent size,
    >divide by 2 to have the pixel size). (I don't know if this telescope is able to follow
    >fast LEOS at high elevations, thus low range)
    >In a favourable pass you would get a resolution around 10 cm (4"), tiles missing
    >here and there could not be seen IMO, but many adjacent lost tiles probably could.
    >We also know that the loss of a few tiles was common, with no major consequence.
    >I suppose the plasma doesn't "enter too much" in the hole, and does no excessive
    >heating or unglue other tiles. But for a larger area, a chain reaction is probable !
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