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Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 23:45:38 EST

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    Thanks to everyone who helped me  and my nephew in his student work
    .Your help is very much appreciated.
    Specialy Dale, Penny and Tony and others
    Tkanks you very much.
    FR5CY  Jean Paul
    ""Dear All,
    I just get a request of my nephew who begins  astronomic studies. It's very
    difficulties to collect items for personnal works here in our Island . May
    be some of you could help him .
    Thank you very much for your appreciated help.
    I give him the keyboard......
        I'm a student in Reunion Island (France) and I work in Sciences.
    During this year, I have to realize a work (a kind of thesis...) on the
    theme of " composition and decomposition"....................."
    Jean Paul MARODON
    FR5CY = AMSAT-F # 495
    Coordonnateur pour la Réunion de SATEDU
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