Unidentified Flasher

From: Marcus Clark (marcus_j_clark@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 05:48:54 EST

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       Observing from here in Paignton,UK(50.433deg.N, 03.556deg.W)on Friday 
    22nd Feb.at sometime about 18:50 UTC,I saw a flasher low(about 30deg 
    elevation)in the NW,heading and descending N.The flashes were at least mag.0 
    and the flash period was at least 5 seconds.I appreciate that this data is 
    so infuriatingly approximate that it's going to make any kind of ID 
    tricky(and I'll continue to strive for greater accuracy with my 
    observations)but has anyone got any ideas as to what this was?It caught me 
    unprepared 'cos I was out looking for comet Ikeya-Zhang at the time!
         Good observing!
                      Marcus Clark
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