24779 Minisat-01 & unid

From: Paul Gabriel (gabriel305@earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 07:59:04 EST

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    I looked for the 24feb 1212:47 UT pass of decaying 24779 Minisat-01
    as it flew by Altair and did not see it.  I started looking
    approx 1211:30 until 1215:45 using my 101mm visual aide &
    1 24779U 97018A   02054.19522998  .01656162  16800-2  21456-2 0  2447
    2 24779 150.9328 292.6994 0003370 164.6048 195.4690 16.06112770268014 
    sky was good.  this was my first time looking for sat close to 
    decay, I assume I should have located a more current elset or
    started sooner.  maybe it was too faint at E+32 w/sun -11, QS mag is at
    approx +7.1 in this area, then increasing to +4.2 at culm.
    I think it is up again tomorrow morning (if it is still up)
    (if I'm up again) etc.  
    then naked eye saw an UNID in W -> NW -> N ~+50 el starting about 1217:43.40
    maybe I can figure coords (~13:05.9 +26:33.5).  not bright enough for ISS
    and seemed to have a slight redish color but moving too fast for Mars
    (I think Mars had set already).  hummm IDsat is not finding it with
    the kelso visual.tle.  two hunts one morning, maybe I dreamed all this.
    Paul Gabriel 8305
    26.24306N 098.21614W GPS (CT|UTC-6/-5)
    +35.97m USGS/NED, -25.22m EGM96 Geoid height
    +10.75m WGS-84 Ellipsoid height
    aka McAllen, Texas USA 78504-2940
    "wherever you go, there you are"
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