Screen captures and SkyMap screen output

From: Björn Gimle \(TietoEnator\) (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 04:15:01 EST

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    I can't understand your problems! I am also running Win2000 SP2 since two
    weeks, Win2000 SP1 for 1.5 years before (in 1024*768 16-bit colour mode),
    WinNT for 2 years before that and WinME on my desktop at home. The only
    problem is the one I mentioned earlier - while you are running
    PrtSc/Alt-PrtSc do NOT capture the CURRENT screen, but the one that existed
    when you switched TO the full-screen DOS application (SkyMap ...).
    So the solution is : Alt-Return twice to get out of full-screen and back; or
    Alt-Tab or Win-m , then click on the taskbar. After that, [Alt-]PrtSc will
    grab the image that existed at the time of restoration.
    The error message on Paste must depend on the application (and/or a SLIGHT
    format change in the clipboard data). I am using PaintShop Pro, but I also
    tried Outlook, Word2000 and WordPad, and all work equally well.
    But I do have a more serious problem - when my company replaced my three
    year old Dell Latitude CPi by a Dell Latitude C610, SkyMap menus AND
    graphics run 50-100 times slower! Even a F7/F9/F10, which writes half a line
    of text/sat, with satbase.tle for a 0:04 time span, takes over 30 minutes.
    If run minimized, or in windowed mode, it takes 15 seconds (969 passes
    predicted), but those are no options for graphic output!
    IridFlar (and other DOS programs) are not affected, as far as I have had
    time to test.
    Can these problems be related, in the SkyMap uses special text/graphics
    modes, that are not well supported in some applications AND some
    hardware-O/S combinations?
    If I can't solve this problem, can SkyMap be modified to produce the HPGL
    plot file WITHOUT displaying anything on the screen, so I can inspect or
    print it with PrintGL ?
    ----- Original Message -----
    > > I had this problem trying to get screenshots of SKYSAT running
    > > Win2000/NT4.  The solution is to get out of full screen mode.
    > I've actually tried it in both full screen and windowed modes.
    > No dice using Alt-PrtSc.  When you attempt to paste, you get the
    > message:
    > "Unable to get the data from the clipboard."
    > P.S.  I'm running Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
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