RE: SkyMap screen capture

From: Randy John (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 16:39:58 EST

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    I had this problem trying to get screenshots of SKYSAT running Win2000/NT4.  The solution is to get out of full screen mode.  Alt-Return switches between full screen and windowed.  When the DOS program is windowed it will be frozen but you can grab the
    screen.  I believe that the 'frozen' bit only happens if you are in graphics mode.
    	o Run the DOS program.
    	o Press Alt-Return (the DOS window now says FROZEN).
    	o Press Alt-PrtSc.
    	o Paste the image into Paint (or whatever).
    	o Select the DOS window and press Alt-Return.
    Hope that works.
    Use the left Alt key:;EN-US;q132591
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