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From: Richard Crisp (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 15:35:30 EST

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    First of all let me say a hearty THANKS for the cool program SkyMap!
    I believe when Kevin was requesting the help, someone (but I am sorry that I
    forgot who) stated that the PrtSc/Sys Req key did work for them under XP.
    It seems odd that it works on some computers running XP and doesn't work on
    But your idea of  doing it in a BIOS routine sounds as if it will solve the
    Again, thanks
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    > Hi All,
    > Wanted to chime in on this SkyMap Windows screen capture business.
    > As Richard Crisp indicated, the PrintScreen/SysRq key is what I've
    > always used, and it works fine for Windows 95 or Windows 98.
    > Unfortunately, I'm now running Windows 2000 NT and
    > it most definitely does NOT work there.  Nor does using
    > Alt-Print-Screen.  (When you use the latter and then attempt to
    > use Ctrl-V to paste in Windows, you get the error message:
    > "Unable to get the data from the clipboard."
    > If it doesn't work with Windows 2000 NT, it probably doesn't work
    > with XP either.  So Kevin, it's not your fault that you haven't
    > been able to get it to work.  It's the damn Windows "upgrade"
    > that isn't backward compatible.
    > I decided to take Michael diLorenzo's suggestion and downloaded
    > Snagit from  While Snagit will work with an
    > ordinary DOS window in text mode (e.g. a SkyMap menu screen),
    > once SkyMap is in graphics mode with a star map plotted, the
    > screen capture no longer works.  All you get is a white image.
    > I've tried all the obvious alternative SnagIt settings, but
    > none work with a DOS graphics screen when used in conjunction
    > with Windows 2000 NT.
    > Since capturing screen images is such a basic capability that I
    > cannot do without, and Microsoft has shown no consistency between
    > operating systems on this feature, I will probably just write a
    > BIOS routine to do it within SkyMap and send the output to a
    > .BMP file.  (When it comes to Microsoft, I increasingly find
    > myself asking the question, "Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself???"
    > I see the day coming when I will have to write the code just to
    > instruct the hardware how to make the electron gun raster-scan
    > to produce color images...)  --Rob
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