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From: Michael diLorenzo (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 18:05:19 EST

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    I use a program called Snagit, from Techsmith.  I have used this program
    for years, and highly recommend it.  Some of the features it includes:
    Ability to capture an entire screen, an entire window (DOS window, for
    example), an entire window with scrollbars, or a region you define with
    the mouse.
    Output to a printer, the screen, the clipboard, or a file (.bmp, .gif,
    .jpg and many other formats supported)
    Automatic naming of picture files (I type in "mld," and it names the
    files mld-001.jpg, mld-002.jpg, etc). This is very handy when snagging a
    lot of pictures.
    Lots of other features, too many to mention.  I think you'd be happy
    with it.  You can find it at  I think they have a
    30-day free trial.  I'm a police officer doing computer crime
    investigations, and I use Snagit as part of my work to generate
    "official" evidence.  It is extremely reliable.
    To prove I'm not a Techsmith employee, I'll also mention that
    Capture-Eze is a similar program, and appears equally reliable.  I don't
    have much experience with it.
    Oh, and I saw ISS!  (Does that make this an on-topic post?  :-)
    Michael diLorenzo
    Close Enough to the Adirondacks, NY
    > Does anyone know of any programs that will let me capture the dos
    > that windows xp has.
    > I generate predictions of satellites going across the moon for
    > would like to show them , where the sat will go across the moon
    > I tried some screen capture programs they don't seem to work for me :(
    > Sorry for the off topic post.
    > Thanks
    > Kevin
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