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Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 00:21:53 EST

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    Dear All,
    I just get a request of my nephew who begins  astronomic studies. It's very
    difficulties to collect items for personnal works here in our Island . May
    be some of you could help him .
    Thank you very much for your appreciated help.
    I give him the keyboard......
        I'm a student in Reunion Island (France) and I work in Sciences.
    During this year, I have to realize a work (a kind of thesis...) on the
    theme of " composition and decomposition".
    I have chosen to study the light decomposition: absorption and emission
    spectrums. I've done some atomic element spectrums such as those of He,
    Na and Hg.
    After this short analysis, I would like to use the results in astronomy
    by finding these elements in sky objects thanks to their spectrum.
    The problem I encounter here are to get those spectrums. In Reunion
    Island, there are no specialized observatories.
    That's why I'm asking on the internet someone who can be able to send me
    some spectrums linked with the following suggestions. I have two main
        - The study of an atmosphere, when a planet occults a star. I read
    articles of the recents analysis of TITAN (Year 2000) and the satellite
    of Uranus called TITANIA (September 2001) and it would be great to have
    some spectrums of them.
        - The study of a comet: its head or tail so as to find if there are
    interesting elements and if it could be a source of raw materials for
    us; or seeing if a comet could preserve biological molecules.
    I'm eager to have an answer.
        Cyril Marodon
    Jean Paul MARODON
    FR5CY = AMSAT-F # 495
    Coordonnateur pour la Réunion de SATEDU
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