ISS Solar Transit Time Difference Resolved

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 09:50:27 EST

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    Initially I had thought that the second solar transit by ISS observed
    on Wednesday was about five seconds late.  This despite checking my
    watch and running the prediction in Skymap with fresher elsets.
    Yesterday my alarm went off at the same time and instead of beeping
    for 30 seconds (my initial assumption) it only beeped for 20 seconds.
    Thus ISS did in fact transit at the Skymap predicted time and I
    obviously paused a few seconds before checking my watch.  This
    most likely was because the transit was so clear and the panels
    canted that I had to process the image a bit before resorting to
    visually checking my watch.
    As I suspected, it was an observational error due to not using a
    stopwatch.  No problem with elsets or Skymap.
    Ron Lee
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