Re: Lacrosse 4 path

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 21:57:12 EST

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    It can be because of both. The elements are getting old, and the way the 
    software computes the position of the satellites. Then there is how well you 
    know your location.
    When I was borrowing a 8 ince scope, I was looking at the geo sats. Even 
    thought the elements are not that old, the satellite was clearly off from 
    its "predicted position" When I observed a geo sat, on the same day as the 
    elements were produced, the observations were much closer to what was 
    predicted. I have seen low earth orbit sat's, and if the elements are not 
    that old since I update my mccants file once a day, then the predictions our 
    ver good. They are still good if the elements are starting to get old , I 
    can still see the object, that's what matters, not if it off slightly from 
    it's "predicted positon".
    Some of you say you don't need to update the elements every day, but since 
    the oig has them why not use them.
    From: "Martin Morin" <>
    Subject: Lacrosse 4 path
    Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:07:54 -0500
    Hi all,
    I have observed Lacrosse 4 about 20 minutes ago. I just want to mention that
    the path traced by astro soft "Guide 7" was a little bit off. Guide 7 traced 
    to the right side of Saturn (near 19:36:50) when facing south and watching
    overhead. But in fact, I've seen Lacrosse 4 passing between Aldebaran and
    Saturn... so to the left side of Saturn. I cannot say if the timing was 
    because I wasn't watching my watch... but it was pretty close. Finally I 
    know which I should blame; the software or the TLE. I was using this TLE 
    Mike McCants:
    Lacrosse 4      18.0  4.5  0.0  3.6 v   30
    1 26473U 00047A   02035.37654365 0.00003000  00000-0  58497-3 0    04
    2 26473  67.9960  82.1762 0004000 253.1887 106.8112 14.62903498    00
    Martin Morin
    Granby, Quebec
    Club des Astronomes Amateurs de Sherbrooke
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