possible visual changes for HST

From: Robert G Fenske Jr (fenske@rgfpc.electro.swri.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 18:33:18 EST

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    	The next Shuttle mission, currently scheduled for "no earlier than
    Feb 28", is a Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission.  According to an
    article in the March issue of Sky & Telescope, the astronauts will be making
    a couple of changes that could alter the visual appearance of the satellite.
    First, they are replacing the 12m long solar panels with more rigid, shorter
    7.5m ones.  Second, they are adding a "highly reflective" 4.0m x 0.9m
    radiator panel for the NICMOS instrument.  So HST may join the Iridiums in
    producing -8 mag flares.
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