Two Starshines at once!

From: Art Glick (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 11:38:15 EST

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    Any of you SeeSaters nearby me in southern West Virginia might have a rare 
    opportunity to see both Starshines at once (if you can ever see either), a 
    week from tonight on 2/17.  Both are making a rare > 80 degree zenith pass 
    over us within a few minutes of each other.
    Having been frustrated so many times before, it seems like, weather 
    permitting, this will be my best chance to see a flash, having never seen 
    one since the very first orbit of the very first Starshine, when we had the 
    Shuttle to guide us.
    On a separate note to Tom (and any other new Starshine program 
    participants), who wrote...
    >From: "Tom  Wagner" <>
    >My school just received a mirror polishing kit from Starshine. It came a lot
    >sooner than what I expected! I am excited about it. So far I've been reading
    >the instructions very carefully, making sure everything goes smoothly as we
    >polish the mirrors--no pun intended.
    >Some of the students are raring to go, turned on to the idea of  having a
    >part in working on something that will be launched into space. I am
    >impressed with how simple the method seems to be and how quickly it can take
    >place. Before, I figured it would take hours and hours but now I see that it
    >probably wont.
    >Iowa Tom
    (apologies if this is too much off topic - I know that some of you are 
    exceptionally sensitive about such things...)
    I don't know if they're doing anything different since Starshine I, but if 
    there's any way at all that you can do it, you should collect up a few of 
    your students (and their parents ;-) and truck them down to KSC for the launch.
    It was an experience that I'll never forget!  I think I got more of a kick 
    out of it than my daughter.  It was both my first launch as well as my 
    first visit to KSC.  We received VIP treatment, bus tours, special 
    presentations, and a pass to the VIP launch observing area.  I'll never 
    forget sitting in traffic for two hours for a post dawn launch, watching 
    them turn almost everyone else away, then wave us through to the launch area.
    Things might be different now than they were then, on account of 9/11 (what 
    a shame), but our bus tour even took us closer to the launch pad (Shuttle, 
    unfueled, already in place), than the other tours were permitted to 
    go.  It's impossible to exaggerate what a wonderful experience it was, 
    especially as part of a Starshine group.
    I've been back since, just as a regular "member of the public", but nothing 
    beats being treated like someone special.  The people at NASA, Gil Moore, 
    and all the rest were just incredible.  I hope you get to experience it!
    Best Regards to All,
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