OIG/GSFC monthly SSR changes for DEC 31 & JAN 31, 2002

From: John W. Gardner, Jr. (gardjw@juno.com)
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 00:29:59 EST

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    Hello All,
    February 10, 2002  0630 UTC
    Per current OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report release of Jan 31, 2002
    Jan 2002   43/01 & 42/12   O re-cataloged item  /  29
    The following listings are of discrepancies and/or corrections found in
    comparison of the Satellite Situation Reports of Jan '02 v43#01 and
    Dec '01 v42#12  Note: No search made for launch/decay date conflicts.
    Comparison was restricted to the COSPAR (International Launch Item ID#).
    The 2nd item of each set is from current report.   O re-catalogs found.
    NORAD    NAME                 FLAG   COSPAR     LAUNCHED    DECAYED     
    apo  per    inc
             No cospar conflicts found with respect to previous SSR release 
    Following comparison was restricted to NAME applied to object. The _2nd_
    of each set is from current report.  11 name change  /  16 syntax  / 2
    Minor changes (syntax/variant) are listed to make aware of parameters
    should a program search be made for like items.
    NORAD    NAME                       COSPAR      DECAYED    FLAG
    16658U   ARIANE 3 DEB (SPELDA)      1986-026D   02/06/87
    16658U   ARIANE 3 DEB               1986-026D   02/06/87   v (variant)
    21989U   INTELSAT 101               1992-032A
    21989U   INTELSAT K                 1992-032A              c (changed)
    24910U   ATHENA 1 R/B(OAM)          1997-044B   10/13/97
    24910U   ATHENA 1 R/B               1997-044B   10/13/97   v
    25617U   ATHENA 1 R/B(OAM)          1999-002B   01/29/99
    25617U   ORBIT ADJUST MODULE        1999-002B   01/29/99   c
    25848U   SL-6 R/B(1)                1999-036B   07/24/99
    25848U   SL-06 R/B(1)               1999-036B   07/24/99   s (syntax)
    25849U   SL-6 PLAT                  1999-036C   07/21/99
    25849U   SL-06 PLAT                 1999-036C   07/21/99   s
    25850U   SL-6 R/B(2)                1999-036D
    25850U   SL-06 R/B(2)               1999-036D              s
    26043U   SL-6 R/B(1)                1999-073B   02/07/00
    26043U   SL-06 R/B(1)               1999-073B   02/07/00   s
    26044U   SL-6 PLAT                  1999-073C   01/22/00
    26044U   SL-06 PLAT                 1999-073C   01/22/00   s
    26045U   SL-6 R/B(2)                1999-073D
    26045U   SL-06 R/B(2)               1999-073D              s
    26819U   SL-8 R/B                   2001-023B
    26819U   SL-08 R/B                  2001-023B              s
    26888U   STS-105                    2001-035A   08/22/01
    26888U   STS 105                    2001-035A   08/22/01   s
    26984U   SL-4  R/B                  2001-051B   11/28/01
    26984U   SL-4 R/B                   2001-051B   11/28/01   s
    26987U   PAYLOAD A                  2001-053A
    26987U   COSMOS 2382                2001-053A              c
    26988U   PAYLOAD B                  2001-053B
    26988U   COSMOS 2381                2001-053B              c
    26989U   PAYLOAD C                  2001-053C
    26989U   COSMOS 2380                2001-053C              c
    26992U   SL-12 R/B(2)               2001-053F
    26992U   SL-12 R/B (2)              2001-053F              s
    26993U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       2001-053G
    26993U   SL-12 R/B (AUX MOTOR)      2001-053G              s
    26994U   SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)       2001-053H
    26994U   SL-12 R/B (AUX MOTOR)      2001-053H              s
    26995U   STS-108                    2001-054A   12/17/01
    26995U   STS 108                    2001-054A   12/17/01   s
    27001U   METEOR-3M                  2001-056A
    27001U   METEOR 3M                  2001-056A              s
    27003U   BADR-B                     2001-056C
    27003U   BADR B                     2001-056C              s
    27004U   MAROC-TUBSAT               2001-056D
    27004U   MAROC TUBSAT               2001-056D              s
    27055U   PAYLOAD A                  2001-058A
    27055U   COSMOS 2384                2001-058A              c
    27056U   PAYLOAD B                  2001-058B
    27056U   COSMOS 2385                2001-058B              c
    27057U   PAYLOAD C                  2001-058C
    27057U   COSMOS 2386                2001-058C              c
    27058U   PAYLOAD D                  2001-058D
    27058U   GONETS D1 7                2001-058D              c
    27059U   PAYLOAD E                  2001-058E
    27059U   GONETS D1 8                2001-058E              c
    27060U   PAYLOAD F                  2001-058F
    27060U   GONETS D1 9                2001-058F              c
    HISTORY of Satellite Situation Report changes   January 2002 to May 1999
    Jan/Dec   02 v43#01/v42#12   O re-cataloged  29 significant/variant
    Dec/Nov   01 v42#12/v42#11   1 re-cataloged   7 syntax name changes
    Nov/Oct   01 v42#11/v42#10   O re-cataloged   3 syntax name changes
    Oct/Sept  01 v42#10/v42#09   O re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    Sept/Aug  01 v42#09/v42#08   O re-cataloged   2 significant/variant
    Aug/July  01 v42#08/v42#07   O re-cataloged   3 significant/variant
    July/June 01 v42#07/v42#06   1 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    June/May  01 v42#06/v42#05   O re-cataloged   4 variant name changes
    May/Apr   01 v42#05/v42#04  10 re-cataloged  20 significant/variant
    Apr/Mar   01 v42#04/v42#03   4 re-cataloged   4 significant/variant
    Mar/Feb   01 v42#03/v42#02  12 re-cataloged 141 significant/variant
    Feb/Jan   01 v42#02/v42#01   O re-cataloged 119 significant/variant
    Jan/Dec   01 v42#01/v41#12   O re-cataloged   3 significant name changes
    Dec/Nov   00 v41#12/v41#11  20 re-cataloged 298 significant/variant
    Nov/Oct   00 v41#11/v41#10   O re-cataloged   8 significant name changes
    Oct/Sept  00 v41#10/v41#09   O re-cataloged   5 variant name changes
    Sept/Aug  00 v41#09/v41#08   2 re-cataloged   3 variant name changes
    Aug/July  00 v41#08/v41#07   O re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    Jul/June  00 v41#07/v41#06   O re-cataloged  16 significant name changes
    June/May  00 v41#06/v41#05   O re-cataloged   1 significant name change
    May/Apr   00 v41#05/v41#04   O re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    Apr/Mar   00 v41#04/v41#03   O re-cataloged  21 significant name changes
    Mar/Feb   00 v41#03/v41#02   O re-cataloged  13 variant name changes
    Feb/Jan   00 v41#02/v41#01   3 re-cataloged  16 significant name changes
    Jan/Dec   00 v41#01/v40#12   3 re-cataloged   7 significant name changes
    Dec/Nov   99 v40#12/v40#11   4 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    Nov/Oct   99 v40#11/v40#10   1 re-cataloged   2 variant name changes
    Oct/Sept  99 v40#10/v40#9    4 re-cataloged   1 significant name change
    Sept/Aug  99 v40#9/v40#8     5 re-cataloged   3 significant name changes
    Aug/July  99 v40#8/v40#7     2 re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    July/June 99 v40#7/v40#6    12 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    June/May  99 v40#6/v40#5     O re-cataloged   O significant name changes
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         international designator (as of January 2000)
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