Satellite Track captured, identified, and one mystery track remains

From: Richard Crisp (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 11:58:26 EST

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    I was imaging two evenings ago (Feb 5). I caught two different tracks in my
    images that evening.
    I was pursuing IC2162 (RA: 06:13:01, DECL: 17:58:57) and noted a track on an
    image that  was time stamped at 10:25pm Pacific Time. I noted a track on a
    second image that was time stamped at 9:35pm. Using as the TLE
    file ( ), I could identify the track
    in the 10:25pm image, but not the 9:35pm image.
    The track was labelled as "COMET". I am not sure what this object is, can
    someone help me on this?
    The results of the 10:25pm track are located at:
    On the same page I included a link to the configuration file used for the
    simulation as well.
    The Mystery Track is located at:
    If anyone can help to identify it, I'd be grateful. I'd also like to know
    more about this object labelled as "COMET". What is it?
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