Unid Feb 6 2002

From: John locker (satcom@cybase.co.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 05:54:45 EST

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    Hi everyone,
    While out last night getting ready for the 1800 ISS pass  I spotted what
    appeared to be a satellite in slightly higher orbit
    moving from NNW to SE .Time 1751 gmt
    Managed to get a few frames on video which I have put on the following site.
    Seeing conditions were good and focus quite tight.
    I checked with binoculars to make sure this was not a high altitude a/c
    before taking the pics.
    .....it could still have  been some type of aircraft , although I doubt it
    ...no trail , no nav lights.
    Magnitude was about 2
    For comparision and to qualify seeing conditions  I have also inserted a
    shot of Jupiter taken an hour or so later....
    Anyone have any idea what this bird might have been ?
    Thanks ,
    53N 3.5W
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