TDF 2, and 18 non-obs

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 05:37:22 EST

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    TDF 2 (20705) -- flashes seemed fainter, but it was lower in 
    the sky.  There may have been a phase shift at about 
    9:36:51.3, which was the middle of an 88-second period when 
    I could not see it.  It's about to go beyond the western 
    horizon from here.  This was from outside my apartment.  I 
    was using my peripheral vision of flashing traffic lights to 
    count off seconds between one look and another.  There's ice 
    on my car (an infrequent occurrence here).  PPAS:
    90- 63 A 02-02-07 09:40:32   EC  353.2 0.3  16 22.08  +5.5->inv
    Back a few weeks ago I reported on seeing 14 objects one
    evening without magnification.  Yesterday evening and this 
    morning have been very pretty, very clear.  However, in the 
    interest of "fair and honest reporting" and presenting 
    "both sides", I feel I should say that last night from the 
    pedestrian bridge outside where I work, I failed to see 18 
    satellites.  Finally, the session was saved by HST (20580, 
    90-037B, which was almost as bright as Rigel)!  So, 
    sometimes you just don't get very many bright ones going 
    over (or you forget how to find them?).  I think the 
    conditions of the two evenings were otherwise pretty 
    This Friday evening I'm scheduled to give a presentation 
    on satellite observing techniques at a meeting of the San 
    Antonio Astronomical Society.  Okay, okay -- quell all 
    that raucous laughter!  I'm pretty sure that I will be 
    asked embarrassing questions, but I'll do the best I can!  
    I wonder if those five new Iridiums will have been 
    launched and will do a nice five-in-a-row pass over San 
    Antonio just before the meeting....  (I don't know if 
    elements will become available in time to know.)
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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