RE: Sattelite tracks during Saturn Occultation?

From: Atul Sowani (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 00:31:12 EST

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    It is indeed difficult to tell anything without seeing the photographs.
    But I think those must be star-trails for following reasons:
    - it is very rare to have two *bright* satellites moving side-by-side
      very close to each other, at the same speed. (You mention that the
      trails are of same size, which imply that the satellites were moving
      at the same speed).
    - The sky map show that the moon was in Taurus that time and there are
      a few stars there bright enough for a 1 second exposure.
    If I could get to see the photograph I can verify it for any possible
    "Ulhas Deshpande" <> wrote:
    >Hello All
    >My photographs of saturn occultation on 24 Jan 2002 have just come back from
    >processing. In one and only on frame Saturn is flanked by two bright short
    >trails about the same size as the image of Saturn. The time was about 2045
    >IST ( UT +5H30) and the exposure was 1 sec unguided at f 20( efl 2000mm).
    >Since the tracks appear on only one frame it is unlikely that these are
    >artifacts. A search with Skymap with hip8 shows no stars in thr vicinity.
    >Also Allsat search using mccants.tle downloaded a few days prior to
    >occultation also shows no sats crossing saturn at that time.
    >What could these be?
    >Ulhas Deshpande
    >Nagpur, Central India
    >21 08 30 N,79 03 08 E Alt 247 m
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