Sattelite tracks during Saturn Occultation?

From: Ulhas Deshpande (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 01:57:09 EST

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    Hello All
    My photographs of saturn occultation on 24 Jan 2002 have just come back from
    processing. In one and only on frame Saturn is flanked by two bright short
    trails about the same size as the image of Saturn. The time was about 2045
    IST ( UT +5H30) and the exposure was 1 sec unguided at f 20( efl 2000mm).
    Since the tracks appear on only one frame it is unlikely that these are
    artifacts. A search with Skymap with hip8 shows no stars in thr vicinity.
    Also Allsat search using mccants.tle downloaded a few days prior to
    occultation also shows no sats crossing saturn at that time.
    What could these be?
    Ulhas Deshpande
    Nagpur, Central India
    21 08 30 N,79 03 08 E Alt 247 m
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