Decay watch: Iridium 27 decay

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 07:21:03 EST

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    Apologies for being otherwise engaged and unable to update my Decay 
    Watch page yesterday. There should be a full update later today but, 
    meantime, here is a summary of my final notice for yesterday's Iridium 
    27 re-entry.
    Object: #24947 = 97- 51 D = Iridium 27 tum
    Final decay analyses:
    Source   Prediction made    Predicted decay at      Latitude Longitude
                    UTC                UTC                  deg      deg
    SpaceCom   Feb  1 08:04     Feb  1 05:27 +-59m       62.0 N   138.0 W
    SatEvo     Feb  2 12:10     Feb  1 05:13 -10m+40m    28.4 N   140.7 W
    Final elset:
    Iridium 27 tum   4.0  1.8  0.0  6.5 d  7.6       149 x 133 km
    1 24947U 97051D   02032.15210057  .32769801 -16110-5  38864-3 0  2071
    2 24947  86.5496  66.9658 0012539 303.2506  57.0943 16.49426621242978
    Note: The final elset has this running 23 sec early against the
    prediction I posted the day before, though the elset indicates a
    more eccentric orbit than I expected. I show Iridium 27 decaying
    soon after the end of the above orbit, northbound over the eastern
           Thanks to Tony Beresford for forwarding a message from Vancouver,
    Canada, that reports that the CBC radio station in Whitehorse,
    Yukon, was hearing from a number of witnesses of a possible satellite
    re-entry over that area. It appears that NORAD in Fairbanks, AK, are
    saying that a "commercial satellite" re-entered. I have found
    a brief report at

    that give a time of "around 9 last night" which corresponds to
    Feb 1 ~05:00 UTC. If the satellite had still been in orbit, it should
    have passed a little west of Whitehorse at 05:21 UTC. SpaceCom's decay
    point is very close to the same position, albeit given a large time
    Alan Pickup / COSPAR 2707:  55.8968N   3.1989W   +208m   (WGS84 datum)
    Edinburgh  / SatEvo & elsets:
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