Re: Near Earth Confusion Satellites

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 04:31:12 EST

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    > >"No current elements" with a current epoch date....
    > >But maybe all of those zeroes in the epoch means that
    > >they made it up?
    Probably line 0 is taken from a separate database (like Orbitel, Quicksat...
    do), which they don't care to update frequently.
    > I think this can be treated as telling us these TLEs were originally
    > by their new model and then converted to sgp4/sdp4/spd8 Ed. such elements
    > have been appearing for some time
    Not all elsets are generated with Epoch = Asc.node time; is that correlated
    to the "new model"?
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