TDF 2 update, may have been missing best flashes

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 05:56:22 EST

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    A while ago before a deck of high clouds interfered, I was able to 
    see a few flashes from TDF 2.  These were different because they 
    were "early" (maybe 1/2 hour in RA) and brighter than what I've 
    reported recently.  The brightest ones may have been +4.0.  PPAS:
    90- 63 A 02-02-01 07:43:09   EC  198.7 0.3   9 22.08  +4.5->inv
    At least a couple of the flashes were visible through thin clouds.  
    Its episodes are getting late even for the west coast of the USA, 
    except for us night owls.  I guess that the next episode should 
    begin here around 08:00 Feb 2 UTC.
    At 7:40:29 UTC there was a single UNID flash (maybe +5) in the 
    same field of view as TDF 2 (a bit farther west and south in the 
    6-degree FOV), but the clouds did not allow enough of a chance 
    to see another one.  I don't get predictions for any other known 
    flashing geosynch at that position, but this could have been one
    in high eccentric orbit, perhaps.
    Hours earlier we had a very nice pass of ISS, and I missed a good
    Iridium flare during the ISS pass due to showing ISS to a passerby.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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