Retrograde UNID - Identified!

From: Jim (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 08:43:42 PST

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        Many thanks to Russell, Ed, Allen and Mike for the quick responses.  I hate to sound
    like a
    US Air force UFO debunker of the 60's and 70's, but it was Venus, and the moon.  There
    were two objects in the time lapsed video images moving in tandem and parallel. The
    brighter of the two objects was to the left and the dimmer to the right. They thought the
    brighter object might be a satellite and the dimmer object a refraction/lens reflection of
    the object.  They did not vary in magnitude as they set in the west ruling out that the
    dimmer object was a lens reflection/ refraction in my opinion.    Using the frame rate and
    number of frames as well as the frame number when the image of the sun set we were able to
    establish the time as well as azimuth and got a perfect match with the Moon and Venus.  I
    have not confirmed it but the crescent moon, which appeared as a large round object in the
    images would have been brighter than Venus' -4.5. Again thanks for the lists of retrograde
    objects I'll copy them to safe storage for future use.
    Jim Nix
    Midsouth Astronomy Group
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