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From: Penny Fischer-Otte (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 03:16:56 PST

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    Thanks to Ed and all who have discussed the NOSS trios... great tips.  I didn't know that
    they were available through Heaven's Above nor did I know that the magnitudes were so dim
    on most of them!  The last time I saw a trio was about four years ago traversing Cygnus
    and the magnitude was at least 2 or better.  This was an amazing site and one of my most
    exciting passes to date.  Now that I know that Heaven's-Above carries the pass info,  I'll
    start looking there for some good ones.
    Clear skies and bright passes,
    Penny Fischer-Otte
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    > Regarding the list of NOSS trios on Heavens-Above, it's worth
    > mentioning (even perhaps via subscription from a secondary account?)
    > that you need to keep in mind that that the three trios called
    > NOSS 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 are significantly brighter than all of the
    > older payloads (and the *newer* ones are usually +5 or fainter).
    > Also, most of the older trios are not in formation any longer.  So
    > in general the best bet is to look for the three newer trios.  All
    > three triangles fit within the 6-degree field of view of my
    > binoculars.  One of the new trios is very closely packed, perhaps
    > about two degrees.  The few of the older ones that I've seen have
    > almost all been with Mike McCants' telescope -- and of course then
    > only one at a time as even with the ones still in formation, the
    > whole formation will by no means fit within a one-degree or smaller
    > field of view.  One time I have seen one of the NOSS 8 objects
    > flare to one-power brightness; I'm not sure I've ever seen any of
    > the older ones with my (handheld) binoculars.
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