Retrograde objects - UNID

From: Jim (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 14:27:45 PST

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        The local Fox affiliate caught an as yet Unidentified Object on a skycam, Feb. 26,
    around sunset.
    They checked with us to help ID it as there was a bright zenith pass of ISS at sunset, NW
    to SE.  Their object appeared to be moving from E to W at a 60d angle from upper L to
    lower R with the camera pointing SW, possibly retrograde.  We are going out tommorrow to
    get the camera AZ and EL and are going to review the video since what we saw was on a
    Televised broadcast and not much could be determined, like "accurate" AZ, Elev and time.
    In preparation we would appreciate a list of retrograde objects, I know there is one
    somewhere and will look for it, however if someone has one handy and could forward it it
    would save us some time and it would be appreciated.
    Jim Nix
    Midsouth Astronomy Group
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