MIR deorbit simulation (a bit off topic) ...

From: Dean Schrage (schraged@zin-tech.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 09:29:26 PST

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    Hi all,
    I have been working orbit mechanics for a communications experiment for 
    about 2 years now.  With all the interest in MIR and reentry, I got to 
    wondering if it was possible to model the reentry process, complete with 
    retro burn and splat.  Well, I took my existing orbital code and added the 
    necessary components and it appears to work.  I can now simulate a 
    ballistic reentry and the motion post-impact.  I have posted a page and 
    some animations which can be found at the following URL:
    I am interested in obtaining more information on the expected day of the 
    deorbit.  If anyone has the current plans perhaps you could follow-post 
    them.  I have done some searching but couldn't find anything more than CNN 
    updates.  What I would like to do is update the initiation vector as time 
    goes on and then reissue the simulation to get new ballistic trajectories.
    One item as indicated in the above link, it is not very easy to get a 
    controlled deorbit, i.e. too much retro and it falls out fast, too little 
    and you miss the hoop.  Of course, I am a beginner at deorbiting LEO sats 
    so if anyone else has applied experience I would be happy to get a few 
    pointers.  All feedback is welcome.
    Best Regards
    Dean Schrage
                 Dean S. Schrage
               Zin Technologies Inc.
    NASA Glenn Research Center Group
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