cosmos 1220 ?

From: Girodias Ken (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 16:07:36 PST

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    Hi all,
    I have a question concerning a possible sighting of
    cosmos 1220. I was out last night (2/19) and saw a
    fairly bright object (2 to 2.5) going from north to
    southeast. After doing some checking, it turns out
    that cosmos 1220 was going along the same track at the
    correct time. Heavens-above has the pass at 4.6
    magnitude. Is it possible that estimation for the
    satellite brightness was that much off? There were no
    other satellites listed at that time being that
    bright. If this object was indeed cosmos 1220, what
    would cause the difference in brightness. I have
    noticed that the estimated brightness of some
    satellites on H-A are quite different from the actual
    Cary, NC
    35.772 N, 78.837 W
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